What you should know:


Over 20 years experience in various management / director positions
Consumer Electronics, IT, photo, wellness – Distribution / online / retail / reseller

Management Skills:

 since 1993 … in Sales and Marketing:
– Management of up to 26 employees
– Responsibility for sales up to 280 million Euros
Startup’s and companies up to 14,000 employees worldwide
– Companies with headquarters in USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, UK or Germany
– Reporting structures in English and / or German 

Sustainability guides my actions.

For you, this means targeted “Return On Investment” by combining expertise, experience and personal suitability.
I take the responsibility and control – you have the positive feeling of knowing your project in good hands.
Quick, efficient and reliable.Your project is my project.The philosophy behind: Create value.
My goal is a successful cooperation for mutual benefit (win-win situation). You may recommend me afterwards – I would be glad.


Additional things you should know…

Soft Skills:

  • flexible & stress-tested

  • analytical & strong in making decisions

  • eloquent and enthusiastic

  • team-oriented and open-minded

  • entrepreneuer spirit & source of inspiration

Personal Motto:

“when planning for a year, sow corn;
for a decade, plant trees;
for a lifetime, train and educate people.”
Kuan Tzu, Chinese philosopher – 300 bc