Channel marketing / cross-selling –

In the fast moving ICT / Photo / CE sector “time to market” is a significant factor. So it is important to quickly and evenly to provide information to distribution, retail, onliners, retailers and end customers and, therefore,to sensitize the entire supply chain for the product purchase. Important factors are the accurate classification of target customers and a high knowledge about their shopping behavior. In order to equally address the entire purchase potential through various channels, the creation of multi -channel marketing plans (online and offline) is necessary. The essential complexity of multi – channel marketing stems from the constant shifting of sales channels and the concomitant changes in shopping and purchasing behavior of target customer groups in the D / A / CH region. In order to convince potential buyers of products and services, additional channels to direct designation are used:

Cross-selling with discount vouchers for the purchase of software or other benefits / services

Cross-selling has the advantage of directly addressing potential needs. Due to the selective approach to target customers no scattering losses must be taken into account. In joint venture, manufacturers often experience a win-win situation through mutual advertising.
Paying attention to shifts in markets and showing the resulting opportunities and threats, I can help to avoid major errors.


Online Marketing

Online marketing implies the simple graphical presentation of a website as well as search engine optimization (SEO), banner advertising (SEM / SEA) , newsletters, complex affiliate structures (partner program) and Google AdWords (SEM / SEA).
Thus, the topic of online marketing includes all areas that are directly or indirectly connected with the appearance of digital communication and information. Online Marketing, varying from social media to sophisticated lead generation tools, gains in importance rapidly. It is highly significant that the demands on digital corporate representation are constantly rising. The internet is a perfect platform for efficient and effective marketing. Results in the digital domain are noticeably improved by the right expertise.
Excerpt from my marketing portfolio:
1 Online & Social Media Marketing
2 Brand communication & customer loyalty
3 Dialog & Direct Marketing
4 Distribution-, retail-, online- Marketing
5 PR & Public Relations
6 Trade Show Marketing
7 Catalog marketing
8 Performance Marketing
9 Classical communication ( above-the -line )
10 Sales promotion ( below-the -line )